Using Videos On Social Media For Promotion

Simple and Effective Tips to Grow Your Business Using Video Marketing

How To Create Compelling Videos For Social Networks

Social media networks will be responsible for 39 million dollars in global revenue by the year, says Statista. It is the largest growing platform, and no business can afford not to include it in their marketing strategy. That said, networking sites are chock full of content. Gaining the attention of the consumer and then keeping it is becoming harder and harder.

Thankfully, one of the easiest and best ways to promote business online is videos. On most social media channels, a company can post a video and see it spread awareness about their service or product. To that end, we dive into two tricks of creating compelling video format content for the online customer.

  •   An excellent social media video is one that evokes emotion in the viewer while telling a story. A thoughtful or deeply connecting tale automatically awakes feelings in consumer and that what you want out of your video. Ergo, craft a story and then make a video on it.
  •   Research says that the attention span of humans has reduced to 8 seconds. For businesses, it implies you have just about 7 seconds to capture the interest of your audience. If you fail, on the 8th second they will switch to something else. Therefore, utilise the first few seconds of the video wisely to hook in the customer. 

Why The Need To Create Social Media Relevant Videos?

From Facebook to Twitter, there is no social platform that isn’t filled with advertisements. Connecting with the target audience is getting challenging because your content is lost in a sea of others. Video is the one format that overcomes this hurdle. The reason why a business needs to invest in them are:

  •   They are easier to consume.
  •   They are more likely to go viral.
  •   They bring in more results as compared to other formats.

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