The Latest Trends To Lookout For In Video Marketing

Video marketing has got a lot of traction in the recent years and is becoming a critical component of the marketing strategy for a company. Going viral is a bu word for social media buffs, and should not be the aim of your video campaign. Music, graphic design along with the story in the video is making up for most of the traffic, and video ads on mobile are growing faster than desktop ads. Statistics also is showing that the conversion rate is very high when the landing pages have video ads. So with such stats handy it is apparent that the video marketing is in for a long haul and hence to make the best use of it here’s a look at some of the top trends for this year which can send your sales on the upward trend.
Streaming live videos: There is a sizeable amount of web traffic coming due to living videos. The web traffic has improved and got better, and hence it is not a whim. On top of that, there are many other advantages of live videos.

They are cost effective: Since there is no need for editing, music supervision\graphic design it all leads to cost benefits due to no work need for production or post-production activities. Though broadcast happens through live streaming, you can keep sharing it on social media and other channels.
Quality of views: Live videos are more an attractive proposition to the viewers going by the amount of time they spend viewing them. It is observed that the users spend more than three times the time they spend watching recorded views. Also, the live streaming videos are widely believed to be more authentic and hence attracts users to it.

Learning with videos: Video tells your story effectively, but there are more advantages to it. It is also a useful way to communicate the information you want to convey. Since it is visual, even if the words and language are not understandable to the viewer, the video can deliver the message. The latest in video marketing is to use it as a training option. You can create online videos explaining concepts, demonstrating experiments, etc. Even companies are using it for training their employees or selling it to interested customers. Marketing and content training can go hand in hand, and you can collect valuable leads by offering a demo video.

Mobile and social media: Video marketing has gained its popularity due to the merging of mobile with social media. You can not only watch videos whenever and wherever you want, but you can also make videos using the camera of your smartphone. Sharing these videos are super easy making it much more attractive to users than using a bulky laptop. Moreover, many videography forms have improved the viewing experience, and all this has lead to the popularity of video marketing.

Square format: The video format is in for a change, and that has brought about more creativity. Earlier the format used to be 16:9 which for best suited for TV and was more horizontal, but with users preferring to watch videos on their tablets and smartphones, the videos are more vertical. There are some who have gone in for a middle option of square format which is also hugely successful regarding user engagement on Facebook. The videos which are in landscape mode is wide, and hence the viewing position has to be changed so that it can be seen on the screen. The square videos are not only tall but also wide, and thus the user need not change the viewing position so that the entire screen is used.

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