It is a dying art. Some say so. We wholeheartedly agree with it. While it is true that anyone can master a CD or work on DVD authoring, the actual skill required to do it well is limited to few. It is to this end that we created the Ardenwood SND DVD. The platform is an online resource that offers the 411 on Music Mastering to make your CDs sound better and DVD Authoring.

Besides audio mastering, stereo mixing, and DVD replication, we also provide:

  •   Tips to audio editing work
  •   Tips on video editing work
  •   Tricks to enhance your video
  •   Trick to improve your audio

We are cognizant to the fact the mastering phase is crucial to a project. Without those final polishing touches, a video or audio can remain subpar. We are also aware that not everyone has the moolah to outsource audio mastering or video authoring. Ardenwood SND DVD can provide you the information needed to learn it. 

In an era of technology, where video becomes viral every other day, it is essential to have all the tricks in the book. In an age of remixes, where audios are blended to create better versions, it is crucial to be able to do it. This platform is your online resource for those tricks.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to make this community a place where a creative artist can come and learn what they need to make an audio or video better. We hope that it will bring you as much joy as it brought us while building it. 

We bid adieu with one last recommendation. Mastering a CD or authoring a DVD is not as hard as you first imagine. With a little practice (and, of course, with the right knowledge) it becomes simple as cutting an apple pie.