Tips for Better Video Marketing

A Women Shooting with her smartphone camera

If you have stepped into the vlogging game and wondering how to promote your video, then you need to follow certain important tips explained below. 

Timing is everything

Just like writing on the internet, you have to create videos on point. It should be entertaining and crisp. It is very important, especially in the starting 10 seconds. It means you have to be engaging and specific and fast in selling them. When the audience watches the video till the end they should feel satisfied. 

Use storytelling power

Do not directly talk about selling the service or product or place. It is best to explain as a story. You need to touch the viewer’s needs and desires, discuss their pain points, their issues, how to simplify them and how to rectify them. If you have seen movies or read books, you can easily get an idea of how to connect yourself with the audience. The characters are the audience, the problem is the pain point and the solution is you, your service, brand, or product. Ensure to develop a video with purpose. You should know why you are creating a video, what result you are expecting and why people should watch your video. This way, you can remain focused and develop better subjects for your viewers. 

Sharing is caring

After developing the vlog and uploading on the website or blog page, you should not stop your work. You need to share the video on various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc. When you share on all social media channels, it becomes easily accessible to a large number of audience. Do not just copy or paste the video link. It does not work best. Make appropriate teasers and share on Facebook and Instagram account. Optimize the video well and then share on social channels. 

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