Useful Tips That Help Tik Tok Users

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Almost every social media users would have come across Tik Tok videos. Tik Tok is a short, addictive video taken for fun and entertainment purposes. Today people wish to create their own Tik Tok videos. The following tips would help to develop great Tik Tok videos

Download and View Tik Tok Videos

It is, of course, easy to share a Tik Tok video with the help of the app sharing option. You can also do it by downloading the Tik Tok videos so that you can view it offline. This can help in sharing the Tik Tok video and upload it in other services. Make use of the share icon and save the video in your android device. 

Convert Into Gifs

It is possible to save the Tik Tok videos or convert them into GIFs. Click on the share icon and then choose share as GIF. This would download the Tik Tok app as a GIF file. This GIF file can be shared using message, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. 

TikTok Videos Download Protection

It is essential that you protect your Tiktok videos from being downloaded by others. It is possible to prevent others from saving your Tik Tok videos. This is done by clicking on the profile icon in the navigation bar. Then choose the Allow Download option to off. This prevents the download of the video from the app. Though it is not an overall solution, it can be used for serving the purpose of protection. 

TikTok Videos Into Live Wallpaper

Tiktok videos contain various cute videos of animals and other such stuff. Thus people love to view some of the Tik Tok videos again and again. Therefore it can be used as a live wallpaper in your Smartphone. This is possible with Android and IOS. 

Connect With Tik Tok Users

It is possible for Tik Tok users to interact with others with the help of Tik Tok codes. You must learn how to use these Tik Tok codes. It is usually a QR code which can be used to connect with your friends in Tik Tok. 

The above are some of the useful tips for Tik Tok users. 

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