Video Editing Tips For Creating YouTube Videos

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Editing is a challenging process as that of shooting video footage. Certain editing tips make the video editing process a complete fun and help to create quality YouTube videos for various purposes. The right editing of music can increase the value of your video project. 

The following are some of the video tips suggested by YouTube videos.

Trim Video Clips

The first tip offered is to arrange the various clips of your video on the timeline of the editing program. It is possible to drag the clips and arrange in order. Now trim the clips if it’s too long. You can also combine the video clips and create a longer video. Always trim the start and end of the clips. 

Make use of Transition And Overlay

Transition is made use of when you arrange the trimmed clips on the timeline. Some of the most used transitions are dissolves, fades, cuts, and a lot more. Choose the right transition format so that you can witness a perfect transition. Overlays are text that you include on the videos. It is the right enhancement to the video.

Include Music

Video editors can make use of free songs which is available in the YouTube Audioswap library. Choose a decent song from the library to add it to your video. Make sure that you have the rights to make use of music in your video. 

Publishing Your Video

When you create videos for YouTube, make sure that it is in the following file formats.

  • AVI
  • MOV
  • MPEG
  • FLV
  • 3GPP

Also, see that the size of the video does not exceed 20GB. You can upload the video using your YouTube account. You can also make use of Google account for uploading the videos. 

The above are some of the useful tips for editing videos for YouTube. 

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