Tricks and Tips to improve your video-editing tasks

Creative Cloud video editing software for YouTube

Learn the shortcuts

Learning the shortcuts of the software is one of the best ways to easily streamline the editing process. If you have learned that L button fastens your playback, you will never sit and wait next time. 

Add SFX and Music 

If you can learn the shortcuts to speed up the editing tasks, then you can also think about adding sound effects and music to your project. It is the best way to include layers and depth to the project. Ensure to select music that goes well with your visuals. For instance, a metal song does not work with a magnificent shot taken at the tulips field. Ensure to cut till the song’s beat since it matters. 

While adding sound effects, you can add background sound effects, subtle crowd noises and other kinds of audio cues. It makes the audience feel like experiencing what they are watching on the screen. When you notice a project before the audio editing stage, you will rarely see natural sound or music effects in the video. The majority of sound or music will be added after the post-production of videos. 

When you are at the post-production stage, you should properly combine the sound and music effects along with the footage audio. This way, the sounds will be natural. 

If possible, reframe 

In recent years, cameras have the ability to shoot higher resolutions. It has become an advantage for the editors to push or pull the footage and re-frame the footage to fascinating effects. You can try to add a subtle push during the tense scene. If possible, you can also push the subject’s position in the middle of the frame when their eyes are closed or off. 

The final thing you should try while editing is correcting or color grading your footage.

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