Getting The Hang Of YouTube For Your Video Content

YouTube For Your Video Content

Why Is YouTube An Essentiality For Promotion?

We’ve spoken about how video content is the best format to promote a business. The question now is which platform to use to promote those videos? The answer is simple. YouTube is the monarch of the kingdom of videos. Here are some stats to prove it:

  •   It has over 1.9 billion active users per month.
  •   In a day, YouTube helps consume over 180 million hours of video content.
  •   It is the most preferred online video provider with 48% of the consumer choosing it over others.
  •   It is constantly ranked over Netflix, Facebook, and Hulu. Even combined, it is more popular than the three video streaming sites.

The main reasons YouTube is essential for marketers is the easy repurposing of content. A video on your YouTube channel can as easily be added to your website as it can be to your Twitter feed. 

How To Better Utilise YouTube For Your Business?

Knowing that YouTube is crucial for the promotion of videos is one thing, employing it appropriately is another. We give two tips that will help you get more out of your content through the channel.

  •   Do not forget to add a transcript of the video. These help consumers find your channel and the specific video more easily on both Google and YouTube search. The good news is that YouTube creates a transcript for each video after it has been uploaded. You only have to ensure that it isn’t hidden from the viewers.
  •   If your channel has several videos, you will be better off organising them in playlists. Let’s say a consumer is looking for a particular type of videos on your channel. Instead of searching through hundreds of videos manually, a playlist automatically gives them to the user. 

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