4 Reasons Why You Should Include Video While Teaching

Impact Of Video Based Learning Sessions in NEET Coaching Centres

From a pre-nursery school to NEET coaching centre, academic institutions are using video-based learning sessions to introduce new and old concepts. Articles upon articles, research on research has been done in the past years to understand the value of video learning. The latest trends and use are succinctly put in this article, https://campustechnology.com/articles/2018/01/11/7-ed-tech-trends-to-watch-in-2018.aspx. Many coaching centres in the country have started using the incredibly powerful tool to disseminate knowledge. They are the perfect example of how ideas and information conveyed through video can make a better impact.

Impact of Video Based Learning on the Performance of Students

Bringing Quality to the Virtual ClassroomIn this short piece, we talk why videos can be included in teaching. YouTube has been used for donkey’s years to learn how to file tax returns or even build a home rocket. So when we are comfortable in using video as a tool to learn something new, then why not use it for primary education. When put to its maximum benefit a video session can be a vital technique in the classroom. It can strike academic debate and help more tactile learners grasp a concept faster. Here are some reasons why you should include video learning in your class.

Education has become more real-time. Students want a real-world context to every concept. One of the best ways to do so is to talk to experts in the field. A video session where the learner can ask questions and queries to a specialist can go a long way. Even listening to an interview of an authoritative figure in the field can deliver teaching content more comprehensively. These experts can help students understand how theory is put into practical use.

Didactic Benefits of Video for Teaching and Learning

• Every concept has a practical side and practice does make a man perfect. Using instructional videos to show a demonstration of a theory is an excellent technique of teaching. The video can first explain the idea and then give aBenefits of Video Based Learning Today practical application of it. Such videos are especially crucial for children who have a different learning style than books.
• A recorded lecture can be incorporated into teaching because it acts as a valuable resource for the learner. Every student grasps and understands at their own pace. For some it might be too slow a pace, for others it can be too quick. A recording can be paused or fast forwarded as per the convenience of the student. It can be used to revise sections that are hard or complicated. It can also be useful for students who have Dyslexia.
• Another reason why one should include videos while teaching is the support they provide. From news broadcasts to YouTube channels to Radio programs, anything can be used to learn more about textbook concepts and ideas. They bring about a dynamic change in the process of learning that engages the minds of children.

All in all, video bring in real-world experiences, they personalise education and impart an element of fun to learning. These are just some reasons why every school, college and coaching centre should include video-based learning.

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