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A Note about Ardenwood Sound & DVD

  Founded in 1997 by Grammy-nominated audio engineer Mark Calice, Ardenwood Sound & DVD is a small audio and video production company which only accepts a select number of specialized projects each month. For over twenty-five years Mark has been working as a recording/CD/DVD mastering engineer, production sound mixer and music producer as well as a media artwork design specialist.

  The last five years has seen Mark expand his production sound mixing services to include Hollywood-style DVD Authoring & live multi-camera video production. Rest assured that this in no way detracts from Mark’s primary focus of production sound work. Mark strongly believes that the “quality” of all final audio, video and printed artwork is of the utmost concern and key to your project’s acceptance and success. The bottom line is that he truly cares how your project turns out and he won’t nickel-&-dime you to death.

Mission Statement

  We pride ourselves on our consultative approach to business where technology, creativity and success are a driving force. We believe in open and honest communication with a veteran professional, and maintain an environment of trust, ethics, respect and personal service. Our management is the cornerstone of our success and the future of our organization. We strive to provide a low-stress superior product outcome, legendary customer service and the highest quality in services delivery. We like to build relationships, not just gain clients.

Contact Us

  Mark can be contacted at:

Ardenwood Sound & DVD
34766 Monaco Common
Fremont, California 94555-2837
phone: 510.793.7511

Why “Ardenwood” Sound & DVD?

  Our name Ardenwood is taken from the historical area where we are located. It’s derivation comes from references made in a play written by the Bard, William Shakespeare (1564-1616).

William ShakespeareSummary: The ambiguously titled “As You Like It”, was probably written in 1599. The years 1594-1599 were momentous for Shakespeare as he produced a steady stream of plays of the highest quality and verbal invention. He penned some of his most popular works at this time including “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (1594 or 1595), “Romeo and Juliet” (1595?), “Richard II” (1595?), and “The Merchant of Venice” (1596-97). “Taming of the Shrew” and “Much Ado About Nothing” were also certainly in existence by this time. This is another of his comedies with love at first sight and transvestism as ubiquitous themes. Not to be confused with “Much Ado About Nothing” or “All’s Well That Ends Well”, this joyous play concerns the lovely Rosalind’s instant attraction to Orlando and their subsequent journey of love and confusion in the forests of Arden.


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