Ardenwood Sound & DVD is dedicated to bringing the highest quality Production Sound/Audio Post Mixing & Audio Mastering to your film, video or music project. Our primary concern is delivering the best location sound or audio mix you can hire along with related services such as Hollywood-style DVD/Blu-ray authoring, high-res mastering and video editing. Over 25 years of location experience, the best state-of-the-art portable hardware and a conscientious attention to detail, guarantee you the cleanest usable dialogue possible.
We understand that acquiring dialogue and sound effects on-location is one of the most difficult challenges an audio professional will face. Our familiarity of the entire editing and re-recording process coupled with our depth of knowledge about the science of sound propagation, live performance recording experience, informed choice of microphones, equipment and recording media, uniquely allows us to make necessary creative decisions on set, assuring that your dialogue is right the first time.
Pictures capture the action and beauty of a production, but it is the subtle nuance of an actor’s dialogue that adds the emotion. While the most important piece of mobile sound equipment is what lies between our ears, the right portable hardware allows an experienced sound mixer to capture highly intelligible dialogue nearly anywhere. We only use the finest, most reliable battery systems and a full complement of peripheral gear in order to capture the moment in the right place at the right time.
The quality of today’s reproduced audio has risen to new levels of fidelity thanks to DVD & Blu-ray. Since word lengths directly determine the dynamic range of any digital audio, current CD technology can only manage a range up to 96dB. Low cost systems skimp by only using 16-bit words for Digital Signal Processing (DSP) during EQ & mixing. Ardenwood Sound & DVD maintains true 48-bit (non-float) DSP by utilizing SonicStudio soundBlade DAW software, with the bit overhead required for the most spectacular, pristine, ear-friendly sound.
For the largest savings, we specialize in “Concept-to-Completion” services (i.e. all the steps including acquisition, editing, authoring, mastering, graphic design, duplication or replication) for your projects. By leveraging our aesthetic talents and cutting edge technology, we deliver sound & visuals of the highest quality. We can capture your location sound on the set correctly the first time, add that final touch to your album, capture all the energy and excitement of your live video performance or produce your next album for DVD.
Ardenwood Sound & DVD offers CD-R / DVD-R duplication w/full 4-color printing, or factory replication as a courtesy to our clients as part of our Concept-to-Completion package deal service. Lower your stress by having all production details handled by our experienced industry pro complete with a personalized approach to your project. All work is guaranteed and subject to your final approval. The bottom line is that we truly care how your project turns out.
Production Sound Mixing
Fully Equipped Portability
True 48-bit HD DSP
Concept to Completion Projects
CD/DVD Duplication & Replication