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My music mix sounds awesome, so now what?

  The music you make reflects the type of demographics you are targeting, and speaks your message... so shouldn’t your visual packaging do the same? Ardenwood’s services include Album Design with layout, CD/DVD package booklets, Disc labels, Posters, Flats and Flyers... top quality design for real-world budgets for bands, musicians and record labels. Additionally, we can also design websites or any other interface elements, using both still and video material, required for a project.

  We specialize in “Concept-to-Completion” projects which typically include a need for artwork design. Are you a musician releasing an album or demo? Let us design the artwork for your next CD, cassette or DVD. Please give us a call and ask about our one-price-discount package pricing.

What about assets for Enhanced CD/DVD?

  We can edit and prepare elements such as video segments, still pictures, website pages and URL links (assets), then write them to CDs and DVDs for access from a personal computer. Read more about this in our CD Mastering section.

What is instant web proofing?

  To make it even easier to deliver projects on time, we offer the next best thing to having an in-house creative department. Once your initial concepts are complete, we post them onto our website so you don’t have to leave your desk to view, revise and quickly approve your project. You’ll find our instant web proofing makes it easy for you to do business with us.

Can you design for different music genres?

  As each piece of music is different, so are the needs of clients, so our approach is custom-tailored to fit each project’s requirements. Regardless of the genre of the music or media, we can craft a cover for any musical or visual masterpiece. Each design presents the artist in a memorable light and enhances the CD/DVD’s shelf appeal. Our sole purpose is to make your dreams reality.

Artwork design from an audio/video house?

  Ardenwood Sound & DVD has been dedicated to providing the highest quality aural and visual results for a variety of different clients since 1997. With twelve (12) years marketing experience, our cover design specialist will take your vision and generate a physical product which will stand up to comparison with any other commercial CD/DVD package, and your satisfaction is top priority. Our goal is to provide exceptional service to our customers, within a friendly and helpful atmosphere, regardless of the complexity or simplicity of a project.

  To see some of our latest CD and DVD designs, click the “Projects” button link to the left or [click here].

What media types do you accept?

  Currently, we can accept various forms of music, video and data on disc, tape and cartridge formats. To see the complete list of media types and audio/video formats we accept, [click here].

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