About Us

Welcome To The World Of Music

We at Ardenwood Sound & DVD present to you an audio and video production company that covers everything from the recording your music to packaging it. We help you create music that is right for the market you are targeting. Take a look at some of the services we offer:

Mastering Systems

Handling an audio or video project from scratch can be tedious for people who have never done this before. We at Ardenwood Sound & DVD have the professional expertise to help you out of your trouble. Our systems use a 48-bit system, making it easier for complicated processing as well as EQ. This kind of precision will into be available anywhere at a price lower than what we offer.  We also try to produce 24-bit output words until the final CD-R master. This helps to maintain a space and a degree of warmth that will blow your mind!

Our Mastering engineer has a musical and technical background, ensuring you the best of both worlds. Since the quality of mastering lies in the expertise of  the mastering engineer and the quality of the mastering studio, you can be rest assured that your project sis in safe hands at Ardenwood Sound & DVD. To make it easier on you, we accept music in all forms ranging from disc, tape to even cartridge. So bring your tape by and see how the magic transforms it!

Video Marketing

Video marketing has exploded in the recent years with short clips that last a few seconds. These clips convey products or services to the consumers in simple terms. The growing popularity of plenty of video sharing apps has played a major role in the increase of video marketing in today’s times. Ardenwood Sound & DVD gives you the option of embedding text and different audio within your video clips to make it more enticing. We also help you decide which information to include in the video clip to make it more effective.

Even though high-end cameras are not required to create video clips, the editing process plays a huge role in the quality of the clip. Since these clips re only a few seconds long, one has to make sure the right message is being portrayed through the video clip.

Audio And Video

Are you considering setting up an audio system for your home? Our staff at Ardenwood Sound & DVD is here to help you design the system and choose the equipment accordingly. While setting up a music system, it is necessary to ensure that the number of cables is minimised as well as no echo occurs. It’s better to entrust these details to professionals like Ardenwood Sound & DVD to ensure that only high-quality music comes floating out of your newly set up speakers!

These days it is possible to place hidden speakers as well so that the aesthetics of the room are not interfered with.

We at Ardenwood Sound & DVD also have plenty of experience setting up audio systems for a large venue for different events like parties, concerts, weddings, etc. Out professional staff examine the venue and decide the placement of the speakers and the other equipment beforehand itself to ensure that everything runs smoothly at the event. We also have several backup generators to make sure that no unexpected hitches occur during the event. Our no nonsense service has always provided 100 percent customer satisfaction till date!